Employer Sponsored Wellness Program

Learn how our Workplace Wellness Program benefits your employees and ultimately your business

Keep Your Employees and your Business in Balance with our Workplace Wellness Program

Both large and small employers invest in their employees in numerous ways; some investments are mandated, and others are designed to foster a positive relationship between employer and employee while enhancing the company’s bottom-line. Employee wellness is as valuable to a small business as it is to a large business; improving morale, reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, reducing healthcare costs, all leading to healthier employees and an improved bottom-line for your company.

Excite your employees by offering a new option in the company’s’ wellness program.

Our wellness program has some unique advantages

  • A program that excites employees into action! A new approach to wellness, your employees, will be excited to give it a try.  Spouses, families, and friends are supportive, curious and optimistic about this approach. Research shows support is a major factor in creating lasting change.
  • The convenience of engaging in our wellness program! At work or outside of work – our sessions are completed in one hour or less, in any location that is free from distraction. With customary wellness options; some employees start out strong, however, their interest wanes as it becomes inconvenient to participate.  Others like the idea, but never really make the effort once they are signed up. Again, it is usually an issue of convenience, a balancing act between personal life and work.
  • The effectiveness of the program – Both medical and therapeutic communities recommend the use of hypnosis to address to many of the things that ail us. This includes areas like; sleep, irritable bowel, personal empowerment, pain management, stress, weight management, and anxiety, to name a few.
  • Employer savings – Our programs are very cost effective when compared to other wellness programs or the cost of a local hypnosis session.
  • Experience – Mind Over Matter has over 14 years of experience guiding people to improved wellness, fourteen years of witnessing amazing change! Our programs were created by Hypnotherapists who were trained at the premier Hypnotherapy Academy of America,  http://hypnotherapyacademy.com.



How well do Wellness Programs work?

Researching the Return on Investment (ROI), reveals varying results. Some data indicates a significant return, while other data suggests a lesser return. The good news is, all returns are positive. If you have an existing program, you understand what employee wellness means to your employees and the company’s bottom-line. If you’re in a contemplation mode, the data demonstrates, the ROI is worth it. Wellness programs are a win-win, for both employer and employee. Research is clear; companies are enjoying the benefits of wellness programs; enhancing morale, reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, reducing healthcare costs, all leading to healthier employees and an improved bottom-line for your company.

More than half of employees that take part in sponsored wellness programs; do not complete the program or do so half-heartedly – to receive a financial incentive. The primary reasons employees do not engage in or complete the programs are; the inconvenience of participating and not equating the offerings as being essential to their personal goals.

Here are some interesting articles that discuss in-depth, Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs.





How does Mind over Matter interact with the company and their employees?

The Employer

There are currently six wellness-related programs. The programs range from $25.00 to $50.00, making the average cost per program only $31.70.  You determine the number of programs your company will reimburse employees. For less than $100.00, most employers allow their employees to select an average of 3 programs, you can provide your employees a wellness program that is proven effective and suits any lifestyle.

For the convenience of your employees and your accounts payable team, employee receipts can be sent directly to you. Batched invoices are sent out via email; bi-weekly or monthly.

Display our marketing materials, let your employees know there is a new option for wellness!

There is no contractual commitment on the part of the employer. We are confident your employees will benefit from our wellness programs, a 30-day notice to end our agreement is all that is required.

The Employee

The employee is directed to our website; www.practicemindovermatter.com.

The cost of each program is paid for by the employee at the time of purchase, they will have immediate access to download the program on up to 3 devices. We chose three downloads per purchase for a reason. We expect most people will download to their phone and one other device, that leaves one download available for them to share. Sharing the experience of change with a family member or a friend supports your employee on their personal path to change.



Why the difference in cost between programs?

Some of the programs require more than one session. For example; weight management is most successful when spread out over time. We recommend 4-5 days between sessions. Each one-hour session addresses specific, related issues. Our sleep program is another good example; one session only. Focusing on the session when ready to sleep, guides the listener into a sound sleep and improved sleep habits.



We are excited to share the benefits of this holistic approach to wellness with you and your employees!

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